Angui 2-hr

Anguirus' Godzilla: Unleashed Artwork.

Anguirus is a loyal Earth Defender.Although he's neither the largest,strongest,or fastests of Earth's vanguards.he posses a tenacity of spirit that makes him a fearsome opponent for any monster.Anguirus can stun nearby opponenets with his fearsome Sonic Roar,or use his powerful jaws to leave an impression.Anguirus' most unique attribute is his ultra-hard spiked carapace,which can parry any physical attack and inflict heavy edged damage in response.Anguirus can tuck his head and limbs beneath his shell and roll foward-this offers him excellent resistance to attack and allows him to plow through terrain and opponents alike.When the earth is threatened,Godzilla will come to it's defense-and Anguirus will be right beside him,until the end.
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