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Baragon is an earth guardian-with special affinity for the terrestrial crust we walk upon.Baragon is physically the smallest monster on record,but his connection to the rocks and magma beneath us empower him to acheive greatness on a par with his larger allies.His small size makes him a tremendous leaper,with graceful aerial combat maneuvers and techniques.When not in the air,Baragon constantly replenishes his energy so long as contact is maintained with the earth.Baragon emits steams of fire from it's mouth,and can cause eruptions and earthquakes beneath his feet.When firmly planted with all four legs on the ground,Baragon is almost impossible to push aside-despite his small stature.

Video Game Title Release Video Game Platform
Godzilla: Monster Of Monsters 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System
Godzilla 2: War Of The Monsters 1991 Nintendo Entertainment System
Godzilla: Save The Earth 2004 Xbox/PlayStation 2
Godzilla: Unleashed 2007 Nintendo Wii/PlayStation 2
Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash 2007 Nintendo DS

Height:60 Meters.

Weight:34,000 Tons.

Faction:Earth Defenders.