Blade the Swordman Hedgehog is a fan character created for Super Smash Flash and Super Smash Flash 2. He's a character similar to Sonic, as he can Spin Dash as a move during a jump. He does, however, have a sword.

In Super Smash FlashEdit

Blade is a fan playable character based on the Equinox-Twilight's creations but recreated by topcat13. He's a Sonic recolor who wields a sword along with Blue, his partner and clone character.

SSF Blade

In Super Smash Flash 2Edit

Blade was previously confirmed to once again appear in this sequel, but with a totally new design, but with some similarities to his Smash Flash 1 counterpart. He now looks more similar to Knuckles in this game. His fate is currently unknown.

Blade idle

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