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Blue The Swordman Hedgehog is a fan character that debuted in Super Smash Flash and reappearing in it's sequel Super Smash Flash 2. He is a blue hedgehog, much like Sonic. He wields a sword like his partner and counterpart Blade. Their relationship is currently a mystery.

In Super Smash Flash[]

Blue is a fan character based on the Equinox_Twilight's creations but recreated by topcat13. He's a semi-clone of Blade. However, his attacks are slightly more powerful. He's an unlockable playable character who is available by clearing Adventure Mode with Blade on Hard or higher.

SSF Blue.png

In Super Smash Flash 2[]

Blue was previously confirmed to appear again in Super Smash Flash 2, with a different design and new attacks, breaking away from being a semi-clone and having a different moveset from Blade. His official status is currently unknown.

Blue standing.gif


  • Blue's sword seems to be a flamberg type rapier. Note the hand shield under his right hand. This "Flamberg" somewhat emits fire, much like Blade's own katana, which emits electricity.