Miis are digital avatars used in the

Nintendo Wii.

Creating MiisEdit

Miis are created through the Mii Channel on the Nintendo Wii.After selecting the gender,players can customize a Mii's head,skin tone,eyes,eyebrows,hair,height,weight,nose,mouth,and face.Players can add a favorite color on the Mii's shirt and hat.The 12 colors that the players can choose from are red,orange,yellow,light green,dark green,dark blue,light blue,pink,purple,brown,white,and black.A Mii's legs are black,and will turn red if the Mii is a favorite.Up to 10 Miis can be favorited,and saved on the Wii Remote.Players can give a Mii a name,birthday,and allow a Mii to Mingle.Mingle allows Miis to join other peoples Mii Parades using WiiConnect24.

Video Game AppearencesEdit

Miis appear playable in most Wii games.A Mii's can appear as a profile icon.Miis appear alot in the Mario Wii games.In some games,a Miis body part can be used as an accessorie.Miis can also be transferred from the Mii Channel to certain games on the Nintendo DS.Most Wii games feature Miis as background characters.Miis also appear in downloadable WiiWare games purchased from the Wii Shop Channel.In MarioKart Wii,when a palyer clears all Grand Prix cups on 50cc,100cc,150cc,and/or 150cc Mirror Mode,the game will show a picture of Mario,Princess Peach,and a Mii.The picture will be sent to the Wii Message Board.

Video Game Title Release Appearence
Wii Sports 2006 Playable
Wii Play 2006/2007 Playable
WarioWare: Smooth Moves 2006/2007 Playable
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree 2007 Profile Icon
Mario Party 8 2007 Playable
Mario Strikers Charged 2007 Profile Icon
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 2007/2008 Profile Icon
FIFA Soccer 08 2007 Playable
Bomberman Blast 2007 Playable
MLB Power Pros 2007 Playable
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games 2007/2008 Playable
Super Mario Galaxy 2007 Profile Icon
WWE SmackDown VS. Raw 2008 2007/2008 Profile Icon
Link's Crossbow Training 2007/2008 Profile Icon
Wii Fit 2007/2008 Playable
Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2008 Profile Icon
MarioKart Wii 2008 Playable
Dr. Mario Online RX 2008 Accessorie
We Ski 2008 Playable
Mario Super Sluggers 2008 Playable
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 2008 Playable
FIFA 09 All-Play 2008 Playable
Wii Music 2008 Playable
Animal Crossing: City Folk 2008/2010 Accessorie
Personal Trainer: Walking 2008/2009 Playable
Samba De Amigo 2008 Profile Icon
WWE SmackDown VS. Raw 2009 2008/2009 Profile Icon
Sonic Unleashed 2008/2009 Profile Icon
We Ski & Snowboard 2009 Playable
Punch-Out!! 2009 Profile Icon
Wii Sports Resort 2009 Playable
Metroid Prime: Trilogy 2009 Profile Icon
Wii Fit Plus 2009 Playable
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games 2009 Playable
Band Hero 2009 Playable
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2010 Playable
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