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Pit is the main protagonist of the Kid Icarus series and captain of Palutena's Army.

First Appearance

Kid Icarus (1986)

Appears in (games)

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Super Smash Bros. Melee (cameo)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Appears in (other media)

Captain N: The Game Master

Voice actor(s) (English)

Alessandro Juliani (1989-1991)

Lani Minella (2008)

Antony Del Rio (2012-present)

Voice actor(s) (Japanese)

Minami Takayama

Also known as

Kid Icarus

Pit-Stain (by Dark Pit)

Puppet (by Dark Pit)

Pitty Pat (by Hades)








13 (in human years)

Pit (Pitto) also known as Kid Icarus, is the protagonist of the Kid Icarus series. He first appeared in Kid Icarus for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986, followed by an appearence in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for the Game Boy in 1991. Other than a handful of cameos, Pit didn't appear again until Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 17 years after Of Myths and Monsters, in which he was one of the starter characters.

Pit is Palutena's most loyal servant, as well as the captain of her royal bodyguards. He's sometimes erroneously referred to as "Kid Icarus" due to confusing his name with the English title of the series. Pit is always armed with his trusty bow and arrows, and prefers ranged combat, though he's demonstrated a fair amount of melee capability.


Physical Appearance[]

In earlier games, Pit appeared as a young, cherubic angel wearing a simple white chiton with a pair of sandals, and metal cuffs. He has short brown hair, and small white wings that are incapable of flight. In Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters and beyond, he dons a gold laurel crown. Since his reappearance in Brawl, he was given a major redesign by Masahiro Sakurai. Pit now looks to be around 13 years old (in human years), and has large blue eyes and many tufts of hair. His chilton is replaced by an exomis, which is white, and decorated with red ang gold hems on the bottom. Its fastened on the shoulder by a single gold pin with a ruby-like gem embedded on it. He wears the outfit with a brown belt that has silver lining the edges, and a gold, triangular buckle on his waist. Pit also appears to wear navy blue tights beneath his chiton. The angel now has a pair of bronze and gold cuffs on his wrists, a gold bracelet on his upper left arm, and another gold ring on his right thigh. Pit's sandals are brown and decorated with crossing, beige bands. The top edges of his sandals have what appears to be white fur or whool.

Oddly, in Uprising, he appears to be much taller than someone of his (human) age, as he's only slightly shorter than Palutena, who appears somewhere in her '20s.

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  • According to Masahiro Sakurai, Pit is about 13 years old when converted from the human body.