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Rodan is Earth's largest flyer.His element is the air,the clouds,and the wind-swept mountain peaks that scrape against them.Nesting in thw tops of active volcanoes,Rodan is virtually immune to heat and lava-based attacks.Rodan is the fastest of all Kaiju in the air,and prefers to confront challenges from a lofty height.His great speed also makes him a fierce hand-to-hand combatant,with savage claw,talon,and beak attacks.Rodan defends the earth's atmosphere-eliminating all airborn threats to the planet's well-being.

Height:70 Meters

Weight:24,000 Tons.

Faction:Earth Defenders.

Video Game Title Release Video Game System
Circus Caper (Minigame) 1990 Nintendo Entertainment System
Godzilla 2: War Of The Monsters 1991 Nintendo Entertainment System
Rodan Cancelled Nintendo Entertainment System
Battle Soccer 1992 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
King Of The Monsters,Godzilla 1993 Game Boy
Godzilla: Battle Legends 1994 Turbo Duo
Godzilla: Giant Monster March 1995 Sega Game Gear
Godzilla: Archipelago Shock 1995 Sega Saturn
Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee 2002 Nintendo Gamecube/Xbox
Godzilla: Domination! 2002 Game Boy Advance
Godzilla: Save The Earth 2004 Xbox/PlayStation 2
CR Godzilla 3S-T Battle (Secret Stage) 2006 Pachinko
Godzilla: Unleashed 2007 Nintendo Wii/PlayStation 2
Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash 2007 Nintendo DS