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Soul Calibur and Fire Emblem are great game series. It would be cool if there was a crossover between the two.


There would be 81 playable characters, 40 from Fire Emblem, 40 from Soul Calibur, and 2 guest characters. The guest characters are Pit from Kid Icarus (Nintendo) and Lindow Amamiya from God Eater (Namco Bandai).

Fire Emblem Soul Calibur
Alm Abyss
Catria Aeon Calcos
Celica Algol
Chrom Amy
Edward Astaroth
Eirika Cassandra
Eldigan Cervantes
Elincia Charade
Eliwood Dampierre
Ephraim Edge Master
Est Hilde
Finn Ivy
Florina Kilik
Gaius Leixia
Greil Maxi
Hector Mitsurugi
Ike Natsu
Katarina Nightmare
Leif Olcadan
Lilina Patroklos
Lon'qu Patroklos Alpha
Lucia Pyrrha
Lucina Pyrrha Omega
Lyndis Raphael
Marisa Rock
Marth Seong Mi-na
Micaiah Setsuka
Nephenee Siegfried
Owain Sophitia
Palla Taki
Priam Talim
Roy Tira
Say'ri Viola
Seliph Voldo
Shiida Xianghua
Sigurd Xiba
Sothe Yoshimitsu
Titania Yun-seong
Zelgius Zasalamel
Zihark Z.W.E.I.

Destined Battles

Characters from each side will have a destined battle in the 8th stage of Arcade Mode.

Characters Connection
Eliwood vs. Rock Both fight for their sons, Roy and Bangoo, respectively.
Lucina vs. Hilde Both are princesses who seek peace.
Micaiah vs. Amy Both have a male gaurdian, Sothe and Raphael, respectively.)
Priam vs. Mitsurugi Both seek only greater strength.
Say'ri vs. Cassandra Both have siblings who were manipulated, Say'ri's brother Yen'fay became a conqueror's general, and Cassandra's sister Sophitia became a shield for Soul Edge.
Sothe vs. Raphael Both protect a girl, Micaiah and Amy, respectively.
Pit vs. Lindow Both come from worlds filled with gods.


There will be stages from each series of games and a new original stage called the Dimensional Rift, which connects the two realms.

  • Arena Ferox
  • Hall of the Warrior God
  • House of Valentine
  • Ostrheinsburg Chapel
  • Southtown
  • Talys


Single Player

A 1-Player game.

Arcade Mode

Fight through 10 consecutive stages. Your score will be ranked.

Mission Mode

Play through 100 missions to unlock content.

Practice Mode

Learn how to play the game.

Versus Mode

A 2-Player game.

Online Play

Conenct to the internet and battle players all over the world.

Character Creation

Customize an existing character or create your own.


View game extras.

Art Gallery

View various images.

Weapons Gallery

View the usable weapons.

Character Bios

View character biographies.


View the credits.


Change the settings.


Fire Emblem

Soul Calibur

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  • IGN listed Ike as the Fire Emblem character that is too well-suited for the Soul Calibur universe to leave out.
  • This would be the second Soul Calibur game to be exclusive to a Nintendo system, the first being Soul Calibur Legends for the Wii.
  • This would also be the first Soul Calibur crossover, not counting Namco x Capcom, which featured Mitsurugi and Taki as playable characters and Charade as enemy.
  • This would be the second Fire Emblem crossover, the first being Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, not counting the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Counting the Super Smash Bros. series, this would be Pit's second appearance in a fighting game.
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